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Two homeworkers, one family and a lot of Spacestowork

The story started in 2020 with our cofounders, one brother, Tom and one sister, Lottie. Both flexible workers with a decade of flexible working between them.

But despite having dedicated home offices, they always found themselves craving something...different. Some days, it was variety. A new space to stimulate creative ideas. Other days, it was quality. A special space to connect with colleagues and impress customers.

Flexible options didn't seem to exist and all of their workspace needs couldn't be met in one place.

Tom Coleman Co Founder and CEO at Spacestowork
Quote from the CEO Tom Coleman

I was always looking for something different..

“When I was working on my own, or meeting up with a colleague, I'd look for a local coffee shop with an endless supply of caffeine, reliable Wi-Fi and decent seats. Except... the comfy chairs I wanted were always taken. The Wi-Fi was unreliable. The tables and chairs were never that clean. And after the second cup of coffee, you would run out of excuses to stay.

When it was my turn to arrange the next team or customer meeting, I struggled to find flexible meeting spaces with the 'wow' factor I was looking for. They were always boring, beige office spaces."

Tom Coleman | Co-founder & CEO

Where you work is just as important as what you do

That’s why we’ve hand-picked the very best workspaces. So you can find your perfect match.

Whether it’s a private meeting room in a boutique hotel to wow your customers. A quiet corner of a quirky restaurant to while away a few hours between appointments. Or your own desk in a creative coworking space to (finally) get that annual report done. Turns out, you can have it all.

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The core ingredients

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Every workspace has been hand-picked. So you can breathe easy, knowing that you’ll be spending your workday where the expectations really do match the reality.

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Your work life is varied, so our spaces are too. Whether you’re looking for privacy, inspiration or to collaborate, all you have to do is search for what you need.

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You won’t find any long-term commitments around here. Just book your workspace by the hour or by the day, it’s fully flexible to fit around your schedule.

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives...”

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